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We understand how difficult it can be to deal in properties. Not only is it a fixed asset that locks down your capital without prompt liquidity, but also requires timely maintenance to maintain its value over time. However, given that the prospective client likes what they see, selling your property can be rather easy.

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This is what Elegant Home Staging Services stands for: making your work easier for you. We stage your property perfectly so you may find the right client in no time. And you know the best part? We operate right here in the heart of Australia, providing our services to anyone and everyone.

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To ensure that everyone likes your property, here is what we offer:

Consultation is simply about understanding what our customer needs and how they explain it. In consultation, we tour your property and check out every detail, every corner and every crevice to understand what will make your property stand out. We then advice you on the right staging ideas and a task list to stage your property.
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5 Health Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening is not limited to making your home look pleasing and valuable; it is something much more than that. Gardening has so many health benefits for the gardener adelaide. It provides a chance for physical activities which helps you to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure and boosts your mood and mental state. In addition, it offers nutritious vegetables and fruits which are good for health. Gardening can do miracles for your health. Here are five health benefits of gardening which will make you surprised.

Vitamin D

While gardening your body is exposed to the sun which stimulates your body to make vitamin D. It helps to boost the calcium levels and is important for your bones and immune system. Therefore, if you want to follow an enjoyable activity while getting sunshine gardening would be an ideal one. Still, make sure you apply sunscreen before going in the sun as it reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Improves mood and relieve stress 

Opting for gardening as a hobby can lead to boost your mood and reduce the stress level and anxiety. It helps you to focus on a thing by keeping in mind to achieve it which eventually reduces depression and is good for your mental health as well. Therefore, if you are suffering from depression and anxiety or even having a bad mood on a daily basis gardening can help you to boost your mood and relieve stress.

Make it a family activity

Gardening is an activity that can be done alone or it provides a chance to make your bond stronger with your family and friends. Gardening leads to joy and reduces stress which should be shared with your friends and family. Moreover, gardening is beneficial for children as they love to spend time outdoors. It exposes them to dirt which has many health benefits and makes their immune system strong. Children exposed to dirt tend to have fewer allergies and other diseases as compared to those who are not.

Helps you to grow and eat healthily

Gardening lets you eat healthy and nutritious food. If you genuinely love to do gardening you can grow your own fruits and vegetables which will let you have fresh vegetables and fruits. Moreover, by growing it yourself you will be sure that they are free of pesticides which makes them healthy. Other than that, you will learn how to take care and value them when you have to grow it on your own.

Counted as a workout

Gardening is considered as a whole-body exercise. It helps to grow your muscles and increases stamina plus makes your body flexible. Moreover, it helps you to burn some calories. When you grow plants yourself, you twist, dig, bend and mow which makes your body sweat and burns calories and makes your body come in a form. Therefore, gardening is counted as a workout.

This article acknowledges the five health benefits of gardening that you need to consider to make gardening your daily activity. Spending time with nature automatically makes you mentally and physically relaxed. Therefore, to spend a healthy lifestyle you need to opt for gardening as a habit as it keeps you mentally and physically fit. 

You can find many ideas for making decorations

“Do it yourself (DIY)” and “bricolage” are foreign terms that have now become commonplace to indicate do-it-yourself and generally indicate small manual jobs, carried out on their own, or without the help of third parties or experts. Even in Italy, in fact, the percentage of people who are passionate about these issues and who delights in making small repairs or modifications at home, furnishing and decorating with splendid home made creations or dedicating themselves to creative recycling is increasing . With a little creativity and manual skills, you can get excellent results, giving a new face to your home and reviving materials that otherwise would have ended up at the landfill.

According to the latest research , 80% of the Italian population is passionate about do-it-yourself and often engages in DIY projects, home repairs, gardening or creating craft decorations. Consequently, the market for products, tools and tools necessary for DIY has also grown exponentially in recent years and has led, in fact, to the creation of several franchises, sites and e-commerce dedicated precisely to this world, in where you can buy a little bit of everything for DIY: stairs, drills, hot glue guns, welding machines, joinery machines, milling machines, screwdrivers, levels, tools for stripping and painting, paints for interiors and exteriors, keys and screwdrivers, tool boxes, accessories of all kinds such as a meter, nails, special glues, those for decoupage and much more.

In this section it is therefore possible to draw inspiration from the many published ideas , some also sent by the readers of Cose di Casa who wanted to share their works.

Among the published projects , you can find information on how to decorate a bench , recycle a coffee maker , make knitted cushions , prepare special gift packages , create a library with recycled materials , create alternative bedside tables and much more.

In this section, dedicated to any type of decoration, you can find ideas and suggestions to give a new look to your home: paint the walls in a new trendy color by changing the look of the rooms, create geometric designs on the walls or painted boiseries , renew the house with a new parquet or a pvc coating to be laid with the do-it-yourself. But not only that: also create special decorations to make your home more welcoming, even with a theme:

Interior Decorative Paints: Tips and Selection Guide

The paintings can be used as surprising ideas for the walls of the house, making the home welcoming, original and interesting.
The wall decoration allows a personalization that manages to give that extra touch that is often missing. From glazes to metallic effects, from spatulas to glitter (glitter) they can create decorative effects on the walls of the bedroom, living room or any other room in the house.

The decorative glitter paints are in fact among the most used decorative finishes to embellish the walls of the house, especially by young customers for modern homes. To embellish the walls or even to make them original, special paintings can be used for the interior decorations, which will have the task of giving a more interesting look to the environment.

In this article we want to provide you with some useful tips on how to decorate your home walls and a guide to choosing the main decorative techniques.

The choice of color does not depend only on our personal taste, but it is good such as the brightness of the room or its size . we also find the destination of the room. For example, an environment such as the dining room which is mainly lived during the day, needs a painting that makes it bright.

Below we show you the characteristics of the main colors that you could use to paint a room.

The pastel colors are the perfect choice for a modern atmosphere, both rustic. The peculiarity of these colors is that they give the room a touch of color without being too heavy. Therefore their choice is suitable for painting the walls of the kitchen, or the walls of the bathroom, especially when white can sometimes be monotonous and boring.

The bright and warm colors such as orange, yellow and red are also suitable for rustic environments such as a tavern, a kitchen with exposed beams and especially if the furniture is in more traditional solid wood. The darker variants are not suitable for painting complete rooms, but we advise you to use them only in limited areas, to make the environment particular or to create a sense of division between two different environments. The lighter shades of bright colors, on the other hand, are perfect for giving the room a strong and determined character.

The shades of white help to give a strong sense of amplitude and brightness to the environment. They are therefore perfect for painting very small rooms,

The bright colors in cold shades such as green, light gray or blue are the same for warm shades. The choice of these colors in light shades are perfect for bedrooms or for the living room as they create a relaxing effect that promotes calm and concentration.

Home Staging:

Apart from simple consultation, we provide you with the right staging for your property too. This involves visiting your home and creating an initial evaluation of the staging needed. Furthermore, we implement the said evaluation and stage your home to get bids

Rental Consultation

We can also help you get the right tenants. How? We can design your home space to create a rental area and stage it so that prospective tenants go head over heels to get this space. 

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