Interior Decorative Paints: Tips and Selection Guide

The paintings can be used as surprising ideas for the walls of the house, making the home welcoming, original and interesting.
The wall decoration allows a personalization that manages to give that extra touch that is often missing. From glazes to metallic effects, from spatulas to glitter (glitter) they can create decorative effects on the walls of the bedroom, living room or any other room in the house.

The decorative glitter paints are in fact among the most used decorative finishes to embellish the walls of the house, especially by young customers for modern homes. To embellish the walls or even to make them original, special paintings can be used for the interior decorations, which will have the task of giving a more interesting look to the environment.

In this article we want to provide you with some useful tips on how to decorate your home walls and a guide to choosing the main decorative techniques.

The choice of color does not depend only on our personal taste, but it is good such as the brightness of the room or its size . we also find the destination of the room. For example, an environment such as the dining room which is mainly lived during the day, needs a painting that makes it bright.

Below we show you the characteristics of the main colors that you could use to paint a room.

The pastel colors are the perfect choice for a modern atmosphere, both rustic. The peculiarity of these colors is that they give the room a touch of color without being too heavy. Therefore their choice is suitable for painting the walls of the kitchen, or the walls of the bathroom, especially when white can sometimes be monotonous and boring.

The bright and warm colors such as orange, yellow and red are also suitable for rustic environments such as a tavern, a kitchen with exposed beams and especially if the furniture is in more traditional solid wood. The darker variants are not suitable for painting complete rooms, but we advise you to use them only in limited areas, to make the environment particular or to create a sense of division between two different environments. The lighter shades of bright colors, on the other hand, are perfect for giving the room a strong and determined character.

The shades of white help to give a strong sense of amplitude and brightness to the environment. They are therefore perfect for painting very small rooms,

The bright colors in cold shades such as green, light gray or blue are the same for warm shades. The choice of these colors in light shades are perfect for bedrooms or for the living room as they create a relaxing effect that promotes calm and concentration.

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