You can find many ideas for making decorations

“Do it yourself (DIY)” and “bricolage” are foreign terms that have now become commonplace to indicate do-it-yourself and generally indicate small manual jobs, carried out on their own, or without the help of third parties or experts. Even in Italy, in fact, the percentage of people who are passionate about these issues and who delights in making small repairs or modifications at home, furnishing and decorating with splendid home made creations or dedicating themselves to creative recycling is increasing . With a little creativity and manual skills, you can get excellent results, giving a new face to your home and reviving materials that otherwise would have ended up at the landfill.

According to the latest research , 80% of the Italian population is passionate about do-it-yourself and often engages in DIY projects, home repairs, gardening or creating craft decorations. Consequently, the market for products, tools and tools necessary for DIY has also grown exponentially in recent years and has led, in fact, to the creation of several franchises, sites and e-commerce dedicated precisely to this world, in where you can buy a little bit of everything for DIY: stairs, drills, hot glue guns, welding machines, joinery machines, milling machines, screwdrivers, levels, tools for stripping and painting, paints for interiors and exteriors, keys and screwdrivers, tool boxes, accessories of all kinds such as a meter, nails, special glues, those for decoupage and much more.

In this section it is therefore possible to draw inspiration from the many published ideas , some also sent by the readers of Cose di Casa who wanted to share their works.

Among the published projects , you can find information on how to decorate a bench , recycle a coffee maker , make knitted cushions , prepare special gift packages , create a library with recycled materials , create alternative bedside tables and much more.

In this section, dedicated to any type of decoration, you can find ideas and suggestions to give a new look to your home: paint the walls in a new trendy color by changing the look of the rooms, create geometric designs on the walls or painted boiseries , renew the house with a new parquet or a pvc coating to be laid with the do-it-yourself. But not only that: also create special decorations to make your home more welcoming, even with a theme:

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